Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve.
What a year it has been here on the farm.
 So much accomplished when I look back at pictures it is amazing. I can feel really good. I have worked hard! worked morning to night.
There has been many amazing projects. I redid the the kitchen to surprise my husband :) while he was at work-actually a lot of my projects are done while he is at work. Nothing like keeping him excited about what will be done at home.
We raked, smoothed out our yards, pulled down fences, rebuilt Buddha heads, built dove pens, built Arbours, built fences, planted many trees, planted perennials, built walkways, carried many, many, many buckets of gravel, plowed fields, built Lavender houses, attended in town sales, and planted many hundreds of Lavender plants.
 I could go on and on we really did so much.
 I know now why we dropped into bed at night so tired.
 Petit Creek Lavender really became a reality this year.
I could not have done it with out my families help.
My kids worked hard this summer.
Thank you to all of you who showed interest in our humble little farm, to all who purchased our products.
 Thank you so much for letting me love my dream.
 I will post some pictures over the next while of our year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We now have some snow over the lavender but not too much. I hope it is good enough for protection during the winter. We have the orders going out and we have made some new products which we will introduce in the New year.
The time is flying by.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A very good morning.
Ah a good weekend NO hockey, can't get any better than that. I hope to we get time to decorate our Christmas tree this weekend a tiny bit early but my husband will be home.
 Our kids get to start their Chocolate Calendars today. Dec 1, nothing like a little chocolate bribery to get them off to school.
 Since I have been selling quite a bit of products I will be back up sewing before too long.
Well I am off to have the most wonderful day with my family... I wonder if they are too old to visit Santa :)
Anyone who would like to visit the Lavender house email me at and we will set a date and time