Monday, May 28, 2012

This past weekend we were at the Baillie House in town for a Spring Garden Celebration. The day turned out perfect! Warm and no wind. The wind in our town can be absolutely horrible, we are in a valley.
A lot of people came out, the day had a happy feel to it.
We do not spend a lot of time in town so even though we seem to drag our feet about driving into town.
It was a very nice, fun Spring day.

Two of my boys helped me set up, they were a great help. Then my youngest son stayed with me he helped, kept me company and ate all day!
Everytime I look at my sign it makes me smile. The picture just was perfect.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 New Arbour will be a nice place to sit in the summer. The lavender is coming along nicely now. Finally turning green it took awhile.
After the winter it is quite stressful the lavender always looks so rough.
This green Buddha is guarding our doves while he looks over the lavender trying to take hold in the new garden.

This purple Buddha is keeping house at the little lavender house. We are packing up our stuff so we can head into town on Saturday to the Baillie House. It is a celebration of the garden, plant exchange, art work, all garden related. So if you are local come on over and visit 10am -3pm.
Visit our web site
if you are interested in anything.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Naramata BC
Forest Green Man
Lavender Farm
620 Boothe Road
Wednesday to Sunday
Karolina and Doug

You can rent this little Cabin.
Sleep deep in the lavender and Sunflowers
Walk among the Lavender plants
Peaceful, Calm

You can browse and shop in the little store
Wonderful Lavender Products
Soaps, Lotion, Honey, Sachets, Table Cloths, Scarves,
Wonderful paintings by Karolina

Distilling their own Lavender to produce wonderful Essential oil.
They sell produce, Russian red garlic, pears etc
Take a road trip and visit.

A special weekend.
 Amazing weather.
 I am so incredibly thankful for the warmth.
My whole family was not home but it was still wonderful.
I loved to see my children outside.
Playing, helping me with a project or two??!!!
Painting pictures, painting rocks.
Phone calls from my kids who are not home. Phone calls form my husband who I have not seen in over  a week. He should be home in the next day or two.
A nice dinner we had at my Mom's and Dads. A nice phone call with my Mother in law.
Thank you
Truly this weekend was an Inspiration.
My Mother's day cake
It tasted wonderful
I hope your weekend was wonderful.
Ours was!
Beautiful, amazing weather.
Great projects done.
Two big projects within a full week.
 I hope inspiration does not strike again for awhile I am tired.
Lavender is starting to fill in with Green, Sad though some still looks like twigs but they are alive.
I must learn to be patient
I dream of my gardens full, full of purple, mauve, pink and white.
Baby steps... this is hard for an impatient person.
 Every Spring it is like I am starting new, fresh plants.
Our winters seem to be hard on the Lavender.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lavender Sugar
Makes many treats special

We have a few left in stock.
Our wonderful
 Herbs De Provence
 Petit Creek Style.
A wonderful collection of herbs, it promises to make every dish you use it on Special.
 Great gift for yourself,
Mothers Day
someone who loves to cook

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wonderful bath salts
 different flavours
Lavender Mist/Linen spray

Celebrate Mothers Day

Honey Lavender Soap
you can email me at

Spa Salt Healing balls
Natural soap
Cotton Wash cloth
Hmm I been away a bit from the blog.
We have been super, unreal busy. Weeding, planting and building are all squeezed into a ridiculous busy life. We are reaching our goal. Our goal of 1200 amazing, lavender plants! In the last few weeks I have added twenty, this week I will add eighty-one and so far on order for June over three hundred. I will fill this new garden then stop and see how we do.
Here at Petit Creek Lavender we only have gardens not big fields as we are a farm with livestock first. I am not too sure I am ready to remove the animals and plant lavender steps...
I find as I am only one weeding, watering etc the gardens are easier for me to deal with. Small spaces are less over whelming :)
I am building a Pergola. A clean looking, simple one. I would like Grapes to grow up the edges but I am may be to impatient to wait for that.
Well off to paint. Have a wonderful day