Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It is hard to believe I just came in with some fresh herbs after we have had some pretty heavy frosts our coldest night was yesterday minus eight.
So I am very grateful.
 It was a Grandson day usually not too much works gets done but it was warm enough to be out side and roll up some hoses, pulls some weeds and do some general tiding up.
I have made up some more products today some nice little pillow inserts to put inside your pillow case for a nice gentle scent of Lavender ~ not too over powering.
Also made up some Lavender dryer bags which are great to throw into your dryer. I think I like them best when your clothes are nearly dried and it gives a nice delicate scent to your laundry.
My absolute favorite thing to do is use a Lavender dryer bag on my bed sheets and freshly washed pajamas.
Give them a tumble and then make my bed.
 I really do sleep better on these nights.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Lavender Shawl
This is Mama Alpaca and her very bad, very curious, full of adventure baby girl. The little girl has so much personality.
The Mama is the one who contributed her lovely fibre for this beautiful shawl that one of our customers made and she in turn gifted it to her Mom.

It is really beautiful and I know her Mom is going to be very warm this winter wrapped in this beautiful shawl. When she brought it up to show me it smelled wonderful of lavender.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The farm is slowing down.
Winter is creeping in closer
It was a good season
Planting so many new shrubs, new trees, new sitting area, two new gardens.
 The gardens sit in all their rustic glory
Glorious Angels
 all over the gardens
We have added so much now I should be able to let it grow and I really think other than a few annuals that one adds in the Spring and Summer the gardens are full.
Imagine over the next few years as it fills and grows.
I have plans for a few more new products make some products we are short in. This morning I am on my third day of candle making.
 Some fun scents and some great colours.
Next will be soap.
 I would like to do that later today or tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend