Friday, September 30, 2011

I can not believe it is Friday. I have been so busy, I feel bad for not posting sooner.
We have had a day and a half of rain. A good rain that we so needed. Then we have had frost a couple mornings. Then today was mild.
Most of the lavender is pruned for winter just a few plants left in the far garden. I am not sure but I will probably do a little on the new plants. I would like to leave them for a bit yet so they can hopefully get some roots going.
I have been working on products. I have been planning. I have great, amazing plans in this mind of mine I just have to figure out how to make them materialize.
Today I made some great labels which I hope to put to use tonight.
I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing, full of inspiration weekend.

This is one of our wonderful mornings. An amazing country we live in
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Monday, September 26, 2011

A crazy busy weekend. We have been dealing with gardens, hay, visiting my son and his girlfriend. My oldest daughter is home now. Hockey rep try outs and both my boys have made the team. Plus add a bottle drive and a parent meeting.  And, birthday dinners.
 So it has been a whirl wind.
I would like to say it will settle but now we are into head on hockey. Hockey every night in town.
Today we had rain all day. A good rain so no need to water the lavender plants.
I worked on some Christmas decorations for the Christmas fair.
So for now I am off to bed and tomorrow I plan to accomplish a lot.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is harvest time for a lot of places.

 Here in our home apples are ripe, pears are ready, plums are looking so beautiful.
The pumpkins are peaking through the frost hit vines.
 The bears are wandering closer and closer getting their fill before winter.
The Salmon are spawning in our rivers.
It seems like only yesterday we were waiting, waiting and waiting for our Spring and Summer.
Very short summer this year and the only upside to that is no real forest fires. A few but not like it has been in the past.
I can not tell you how happy so very, very happy I am;
 done! finished! moving hay in.
I have a few stragglers on the ground but over all done.
 And, it is a good thing! I am seriously sore my hands ache that typing this actually aches.

Fall harvest
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cold morning today only two degrees.
I guess that is a good temperature for moving hay.
We are half way done. Today we will load another two hundred and fifty five on the truck then we have to wait for it to come home...then unload. We can not drive the truck as it requires a class one license so we have to wait for my husband to bring the truck home.
Yesterday it was fun to watch my three strong boys unload hay then Miss Hyacinth came to help us. It really was fun.
Hay, there is a love hate relation with hay. I hate moving it, finding money for it but there is nothing nicer than a full hay shed while we head into winter.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Yesterday I worked the far garden for four hours of straight not stop work. The only stops I made were to stretch out my back and admire the sky.
It is done all finished ready to go to sleep. I really hope our winter is good for the gardens, last year we lost so many plants. It was so depressing.
It is funny how we look forward to our gardens every year.
When we loose a plant or a tree we take it very personal.
There will be not much gardening for the next few days as it is time to move the hay into the farm. My least favorite time.
Have a wonderful day and please send a good fairy. A good fairy who wants to take my place and haul some hay.

Working the new garden
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy weekend with family things, hockey, road trips and my kids home visiting. Today I was confirmed to two tables at the Christmas Craft fair. I guess I had better get organized. I seem to work, work, work then there is a delayed reaction.
After planting all my plants I was tired not really a big deal as we work hard on the farm all the time. I think more of an emotional time with a job sitting on my shoulders and then it is done.
Sigh of relief.
I need to go through, do an inventory and see what direction I should head.
I guess I can plan all that whele I sit away the day at the arena. Gosh I hope my daughter wants to sit there.

Are you enjoying your weekend?
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

This morning was used up by cleaning my house, washing my floors, laundry and baking. I baked Blueberry muffins and lemon lavender cake.
Then outside I went while it was giving us a light rain.
The first rain in a long time.
 I started digging holes. Every hole had to be dug once, filled with water then dug again. Then came the Lavender plant. All one hundred and eight plants are in the ground.
 Ahh such a good feeling.
 However I am sure going to pay for it. I am so sore.
In my new garden I am going to be able to put quite a few plants in there. We have to leave a natural trench for spring run off. So no plants will be planted along that area as they would sit deep in their roots with water all Spring. I think along that area I will use it for herbs. It will be a wonderful spot for Herbs De Provence. Along the fence is a spot for sunflowers. And, along the front gate outside the garden is going to be either gravel or mulch and one of our old antique plows and a few potted plants.
Then in my little white garden it will be for herbs. So much work but it will be really nice when it is done.

A peaceful evening
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You maybe wondering why am I writing about another Lavender Farm.

 Karolina has become a friend, a kindrid spirit ... Lavender spirit.

I was off to visit her last weekend after sweet talking to my husband to drive me there on his only day off.
I was going to purchase some plants for my new garden. WELL SHE GAVE THEM ALL TO ME!!!
She gave me a whole pick up truck of amazing, wonderful lavender plants. Sigh ...I am so excited....
You can rent this little cabin at their farm
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Forest Green Man Lavender

Close to down town Naramata, BC

Two years I had heard of a Lavender farm in Naramata. I had never heard of a town called Naramata so I started to ask around, funny thing not many people could tell me much about it. Last year my husband took me for a drive and we found Forest green man lavender farm.
 We took pictures, admired the lavender and the great fruit trees.

I bought a few things and happily went home.

 Karolina and I added each other to Face book and became FB friends. Over the last year we have talked Lavender. I have ordered products from her. Karolina will go out of her way to find the best way to ship your order to you.

They not only grow wonderful Lavender but  they also grow Fruit, Tomatoes, Red Russian Garlic, Pears, Peppers and Sour Cherries.
They have the cutest little lavender store that sells all the wonderful products that Lavender can be made into.
You will find sachets, lavender wands, bundles of lavender, oils, soap, hand scrub, imported table cloths and wonder scarves.

Go check it out they have a web site

Forest Green Man Lavender
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A beautiful fall day warm, very warm another 50 degrees on my deck right now.
Today we did a quick trip to Kamloops I needed to buy some ribbon. So into Michael's and Walmart then home again.
I was thinking it may be time to decorate for Fall. It seems a bit odd since we are finally having our summer.
I like to use pumpkins, scarecrows but I am not into the scary Halloween decorations. When I my kids were little I would not use anything that would scare them.

Wonderful Septemeber evening, with a full moon. Nothing could be better except if I was drinking tea out there.
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Good Morning.

Today is an amazing day.
THANK YOU the little boy missing from Sparwood has been returned home.
A horrible event that in turn made the whole Province come together with one goal.
To bring home Kienan.
Amazing absolutely amazing
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A fast week this one was.
First week of school in and the kids seemed okay.
Quite an emotional week we have been watching the news checking in every time we come in.
We have an Amber alert for a little three year old boy. So please send a prayer that he gets home today to his Mom and Dad.
Yesterday there was an Earthquake near Campbell River my oldest son played hockey down there for several years so we have become quite attached to that town and the people we met.
 All was good no one was hurt but still it unnerves you.
 I am so glad he is not down there right now.
On the Lavender end I have been quite busy making Lavender bottles/cages.
 Quite time consuming, tedious work.
I do love the little natural sachets though.
I will have them for sale at the Christmas Fair at the Civic centre.
 I am hoping to go to
Naramat this weekend to purchase some planst. I am just waiting on an email back.

Good Morning
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am sitting outside on a very warm day in the shade of our deck.
 I am surrounded by a bit of a mess.
pile of lavender to the right of me. String, scissors, clippers, beautiful ribbon all over the couch.
 On the left of my feet is a pile of peppermint stocks with the leaves taken off for our winter supply of tea.
 In a bucket beyond the stocks peppermint is a wonderful pile of rose hips drying.
 And, at the end of my reach is a great harvest of peppermint leaves.

I get so excited when I try something new and it works.
Yesterday I picked the lavender when it was over 50 degrees on our farm. I worked on and off it until dark. Now I finally have a bit of time to try these cages of Lavender.

I find it quite hard to to find time to write on both of my blogs this one and . I usually have kids talking to me, television blaring, kids playing, running, wrestling and I find it very hard to get a sentence down. My of thought is lost, spelling is gone etc.
I must run  so much to accomplish before I have to walk to the bus.
One thing more if I could ask your help
Please pray for the little three year old boy who is missing and ask that he may be found safe and taken back to his family. Thank you

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ahh the end of summer holidays today.

 Quite sad.

I have been working very hard in the gardens over the weekend. I have a  good start on fall weeding, trimming and still waiting on a few stragglers to bloom.

I can get side tracked out in the gardens quite easy, before I know it an hour or more has passed. So I have to shuffle myself home check in, check the phone, check the Internet then move on to the next project.

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and I hope Fall finds you excited and full of amazing plans.

Happy Fall

Good Bye Summer Holidays
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Friday, September 2, 2011