Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother's Day
is coming

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lavender hand scrub, Lavender Mist
Talcum powder, Earl Grey Tea
Bath Bombs, Salt Spa balls
Lavender cream, Eye pillows
Little stuff pillows with lavender
Salt, culinary lavender, Herbs De Provence
Lavender infused honey for local people.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

A little bit of Spring
Lets hope it lasts. I hear it is to be very warm here Sunday and guess who is going to be out in it.

So many things happening on the farm.
We counted our plants
 we are at
Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven
thirty eight cuttings in the green house
My goal is to have twelve hundred plants
I Need
five hundred more plants
that will make up for the
Winter kill

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I hope you are all doing well. Here we are good, busy and in full swing. Our weather has been warming up but still dropping to -5 at night.
The little lavender house is filling up. It is really small and really cute.
Our new garden is at two hundred and twenty plants so far. I am not too sure if they will all take but it is a good start.
I have made cuttings from a few of my plants. Some of the ones I wanted to try a bit more.
The web site is updated a few new products.
 Check it out at
If you are local you can see some of our products at Merritt Printing and the Bailey House. Check it out. If there is anything you would like to know give me a shout at

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Great work getting done.
At dusk tonight, it was so nice cool but peaceful. While I was separating the lavender the sheep came over the top hill, first one ewe then a lamb and then came the rest of the herd all ready for bed.
It really is nice to work in the gardens when the animals are all around. I realized I am really lucky.
Tomorrow I hope to transplant the lavender I pulled out of the front yard. The lavender really did not do well but at the same time they have been there for years. If they take after transplanting I will have quite a few new plants. Fingers crossed.
Our Natural collection

A new soft, delicate, light soap
Honey and Lavender Bud.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

An amazing busy week. I can not believe how fast it has gone by.
Besides the crazy yard work, farming, lambing and kidding I have been working on Lavender products too.
Today after our return from the animal auction. I made the nicest soap  a delicate soft honey and lavender.
I also did up the lavender honey so that is also ready. It is very nice and darker honey this time than the last time.
I have made deliveries into town. Ha yes I actual went into town!!
Our product only a small amount of it is in two stores The Bailey House and Merritt Printing.
I sent the one hundred bath bombs of to Naramata Lavender Farm.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Enjoy today
make special memories


be thankful

Eat lots of chocolate

Love your kids
Phone your parents


to you all

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A wonderful Saturday to you all!! An Easter Saturday is even better.
I am so grateful for my husband he helped me do such an awesome clean up project yesterday!
 Ahh I am so happy.
On acreage it is very hard to clean it is one thing if it was an empty lot when you moved in then NO problem. Ours even if it was forever ago was already set now it is older, sagging and needs removing. Huge overwhelming jobs. Totally no fun jobs. If I won the lottery I would hire someone but ....since  I have not... I get to do it.
Today I plan on working on the front yard so Easter Bunny does not run away when he arrives and still sees Winter mess.
I must run to town!! Ahh so do not want to do that.
So have a marvelous day. Enjoy your weekend.
 Boil some eggs grab some dye and a Little salt.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is coming very soon and I am behind. I am never behind so today I took the day off working the farm and did a bit of decorating, baking and visiting my kids.

I need to make the weekend special for them. Easter bunny needs to find us. ( I know my kids are older but one is never too old for traditions) Plus our little grand baby has to look for Easter bunny, go for the Easter walk and have pictures taken.

I am going to bake cupcakes, I think root beer floats were ordered and maybe beef dip dinner.

I have been so busy working and getting a great start to the Lavender. New products, new look just need to get some pictures to share with you all. I have sent products to the store in town and I should head into the other store that showed interest. I have a lot of trouble getting myself to town...

Have  a wonderful night.
Spray your bed down with a lovely lavender mist for a great sleep.


Monday, April 2, 2012

We have been so busy this last month. An amazing amount of yard work. Oh my goodness I am sick of pine needles. Updating product, lambing we have been lambing for a full month now and still have a few left. Than means at least three trips to the barn in the middle of the night, that novelty is long gone.
Soon it will settle and I will blog more. Take Care