Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bath bombs are $3.00 - $3.50 each

Bath Spa Balls/ Bombs - $ 4.25 each

Soap $4.75 -  $3.25 each

Crochet Face Cloths $3.00 each

We can make up wonderful gift baskets / bags at set prices. They are Creatively made, wonderful romantic that will make you feel GOOD.

For the special man in your life Dad, husband, brother or son we have a Men's collection "Cool Water"
Dream Soap
Beautiful, rich, amazing, scented

 Practical probably not.

So much fun happening at Petit Creek Lavender

Cool Water for men
Rose, Lavender, Lemon Garden, Citrus many amazing types

Bath Bombs, Fizzles and Spa bombs
Our spa bombs are a Rich Epsom salt with a touch of grape seed
 oil. Great for your tired muscles and a wonderful way to unwind after a busy day.

 My goalie soaks his bad knees many nights in a wonderful mix of Spa bombs.

Wonderful experiments, some fails, some explosions but so much fun.
 My kitchen is a mess full of Creativity, Inspiration in every corner.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

For that Special Person

A Friend, Mom, Grandparent, Lover, Husband, Wife, Sister, Secret Sister, Admirer, Co-Worker, Teacher.

So many wonderful people grace our lives

We offer Bath Bombs & Healing Salt Spa

 for a

Wonderful, Relaxing, Soothing, Bath.

Natural, Calming, Soap

Beautiful, Hand Crochet Face Cloths

All are made in small batches

Each one is Unique in its own.

Say Thank you, I love you, or just because

Please email me at to place an order.

We need a week or so to full fill orders that are not in stock to allow for drying


Can request scent free.
I have been slacking on the blog and I am sorry about that but not from being lazy!
My days seem to go without me and I can not keep up. Book keeping for our real job and I always could have a great tantrum while doing that I hate, hate, hate it. School, hockey day trips with my husband.
And, now Winter has found us it makes the farming ten times harder in the Winter. Cold and because everything was so damp and wet from our rain and mild weather now add -23 things just don't want to move.
It is very hard on the animals that kind of change.
Bath bombs are in the making, soap, crochet face cloths all wonderful things that make you feel special.
I hope you all have an amazing day, stay warm and think warm thoughts.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Join our subscription

Enjoying the Seasons


Petit Creek Lavender

Enjoy the changing of Seasons with us as we pass through this wonderful life from our Farm and the Lavender.

With your subscription to our farm letter, you become an exclusive member to our elite group of friends. Friends, who enjoy the finer gifts that Life and  Nature have to offer.

Make new friends with others who share your interest in all things that are lavender ~ we share with you our joys and triumphs experimenting with Lavender farming and family via Facebook and Twitter.

With your subscription, we will surprise you with lovely seasonal gifts, (hint: may smell like lavender) and fun games and prizes.

We will share our tricks of the trade on how to grow lavender and bring the ancient French inspired herb into your life.

 Each seasonal mailing will offer you a unique package that we want to share from recipes, puzzle games, crafts, stories and photographs.

We want you to be part of the excitement and look forward to our artistic and lovingly made packages arriving seasonally in your mail box.

… and for a little secret of what we are working on in our

 Lavender Laboratory

Lavender Chamomile bath tea bags…

·       Four mailings each one is unique and artistic. Arrival upon each season

·       You are the first to find out our new products

·       Join our Facebook, Twitter and receive our email updates.

·       You will be able to save together this wonderful, pleasing collection to look at time and time again

·       Cost for all is $20.00 for the year. go to the Changing of the Seasons page

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, a new beginning, a fresh start.

2011 had it's rough moments.

 Rough moments of stress by the bucket full.
Financial stress, job stress, and everyday moments of a large family.

 It kept me on my toes.


It made me stronger, it made me take quiet moments and it made me a better person.

2011 had wonderful moments also.

Job changes
My family grew up all my children are becoming wonderful young adults
My husband stayed safe on the road
My Dad is still okay
My Mom is still our rock
My husband and I became Grandparents to the most amazing little boy, who can only make you smile.
Our family is growing with our older children adding partners who fit in our crazy, wild family quite nicely.

Really 2011 was okay.

The most amazing, awesome, wonderful addition is the LAVENDER.


That are all mine. They make me so happy. They make our farm happy.

2012 will also be okay

I hope the learning curves are gentle

I hope my Dad goes into remission. I pray everyday for this.
I hope my Husband stays safe and healthy on the road. This guy is truly my life
I hope my Mom is always my rock, my strength, my partner
I hope with all my hopes of hopes my children stay Strong, healthy, live life to the fullest, make wonderful choices.
 I love each and everyone of them so much. I can not tell you how much my kids are our life.
I hope my brothers, sisters and their family have a wonderful safe, healthy year
I hope my husbands family has a healthy, safe year.

For me I hope I have a wonderful year, a safe year with wonderful health. I hope for Peace, Calm and Love.

I hope for the most Amazing |Inspiration everyday.

Welcome to a New Year.
May your New Year Sparkle, be full of Magic, full of Amazing Inspiration, Love, Happiness, Wonderful Health, Faith, Wealth, Joy and Live your life for those special moments.
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