Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A good day today.

Several years ago I went on a trip to Europe with my Mom and daughter it was a wonderful three weeks. When we traveled through France I purchased some Lavender sachets they always reminded me of my Oma . Her suitcase always smelled so good everything lined with tissue paper and the scent of lavender.
Then we took another trip this time to Maui and we visited the Lavender farm high on hills, among the mist over looking the ocean. It was so amazing so much Peace came over me. I loved every second of meeting Alii Chang and spending the afternoon among his gardens.

There after the trip to Europe (I have traveled to England three times) plus the two trips to Maui the seed was planted, I need lavender.
I planted plants around my yard, then I planted my first lavender garden I was excited and inspired. No rules just plant lavender. Then it was followed by another small garden both gardens have done well in spite of our winters, pine trees and extreme changing weather every few weeks. Then I put in the Lavender house garden it was added into two sections as money was found to purchase more lavender plants.

Then the following summer in went another new garden each garden was getting bigger, getting bigger ach time when I could talk my dad into handing over pasture. This garden was named the Eiffel tower Gate.
Now we are working on the last garden and the biggest of all and the most challenging. Then I tell myself no more enjoy the gardens all six of them. Lavender farming is extremely hard work.

Lavender gives a sense of Peace, Romance and goodness.

 There is a magic to it.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I have not been idle with not writing just no computer. Something simple turned out to be a whole lot more work for the computer techs.
The gardens are marching along yesterday I saw tiny little buds on some of the lavender plants. That always amazes me how we can be watching and miss how it creeps up on us.
We went through a very warm spell very nice and hot now we are going through some cold. My house is freezing.

I started to harvest honeysuckles, lilacs, and may flowers. The flowers caught me off guard not sure why I guess I am just to busy doing non garden things.
Well must run harvesting to do. Have a great day