Friday, March 21, 2014

The first full day of Spring and .... it ... snowing.
 It snowed all day yesterday so lets hope some sunshine finds us.
 The gardens are coming along nicely. I need a few prayers on some of the plants they are sure not looking too good right now.
I have built some lovely walk ways this Spring always room for improvement though. In regards to my oldest daughters wedding with have removed a whole section of lilac trees, Fruit tree, shrubs and roses. We have also moved fences over six feet to accommodate chairs. The great thing about this is we can offer our gardens for rent for future small weddings if we choose to. And, if we don't offer our gardens it still is a beautiful place to call home.

Her I am moving more rock.
 Yesterday I bought two truck loads of great green rock to enclose an outside bath tub. It looks so great it is right near the barn yard in a little closed off area near the ducks ~ practical~ probably not.

Friday, March 14, 2014

 Spring is on the way and this makes me extremely happy
While I have been in the gardens I have noticed little bits of green it always amazes me how nature just keeps moving on ahead no complaint just slowly does it's thing and before we know it ~ there are buds on the trees, sprigs of green here and there.
It is so refreshing when I get the pine needles cleaned I really notice it when I walk over to the lavender garden.

When the gardens are done and clean I actually feel my heart get excited it is a huge under taking and sometimes a bit scary but slowly I get it done. I am trying to hold myself off with bringing out the garden d├ęcor until I am done Pine needles.

New limes on the tree

Monday, March 10, 2014

Doing some serious work in the gardens cutting down tree limbs we still could not reach all we wanted to get.

It makes such a mess but it is good to get them down.
 Climbing trees
I managed to get some great work done in the main garden. It really is insane how there is always so much mess even though we cleaned really good in the fall and a few times in the mid winter. How does it happen?
99.9999999% of my work is pine needles

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Waiting for Spring

Stuffed bunnies with a nice soft middle and lavender.
 Every hug will relax you with a wonderful scent.
A box full of bunnies.
 We will have a lot of new products in the lavender house this summer