Tuesday, October 27, 2015

There is a chill in the air.
The gardens are being cut down, the ornaments are being put away and heaters turned on in the ponds.
Products are being done for next spring.
 Soap is being made up  and set up to cure.
Lavender sweet smelling lavender soaps.
Wonderful Maui salts with Herbs de Provence.
Sweet smelling bath salts perfect for that end of the day bath soak.
Sachets all different sizes and shapes of lavender sachets.
Clay offering bowls to symbolize hope and peace.
Wreaths amazing fragrance wreaths for your home.
We are already preparing for next season.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

 The scenery is sure something special, the colours, the moist air the dips in temperature. The dramatic weather moods. The gardens are tired and ready for a rest. The garden ornaments are put away until Spring. Soon I will cut down plants. And, do we have pine needles.
Here are some little lavender filled pumpkins they smell so good. We have five available for prices of $10. and $12. if you are interested.

 A bowl full of happiness

Friday, October 2, 2015

 Chunky rustic orange and poppy seed soap ~ this is a good solid bar a lot of soap in these bars.
 Our summer here on the farm has gone by so fast it was a good, hot, intense heat summer. We had quite a few weddings and new people dropping in. We have done changes to the garden we have joined the orchard into the main garden so when walking around you can do a complete circle. We have added a new pond quite shallow just a nice water feature I am hoping next year it looks natural like it has always just been there. I planted different mints around it, blueberries, grasses. It does have some flowers for now but I may move those next year as I want a natural look, I am not sure I can pull it off just yet. The old pond the above ground I put in the summer of 2014 I surrounded that with some lovely rock it put a nice finish to it.
We built a new drying shed this was not in the plan but with the wind and weather wrecking the old one we had no choice.

 The last of the lavender here it is drying out on the kitchen table waiting to be made into wreaths.

 Wreath making it is amazing how much lavender goes into one wreath.