Thursday, September 11, 2014

Late fall in the garden it was really nice to see the colour. Every year is so different.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Yesterday I harvest Peppermint for our peppermint tea we have two types of this tea. Peppermint and lavender and Just Peppermint. It smells so good not a hard thing to harvest at all. One thing about our farm everything we harvest has a wonderful scent.
It is amazing we still have lavender to harvest in the gardens which is a nice surprise I find every year is different for us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It is a wet, gray and dreary day here in the gardens perfect for all the flowers and trees after the hot, hot summer. I noticed our flowers blooming time was cut a lot shorter with our intense heat. Yesterday I used part of the day to empty out flower pots and store them. We had an abundance of extra flower pots from the wedding so a lot of the trees, shrubs went into the ground with the hopes there is enough time for the roots to take hold before winter comes.
The rest of the day I spent it rototilling I did manage to get the herb garden done and then I replanted the herbs from their pots I will harvest later and I hope some of the herbs will winter. My sister and her husband have let me use a rototiller that they had, had at the homestead. It starts on one pull but I have noticed over the time I have been using it the blades are not rotating that well :( I will have to get my husband to have a look when he gets a moment.
Next up in the garden I will start cutting back plants it may seem early but for us as soon as school starts hockey starts so most of my time is used up driving to and from town.
We still have some fresh lavender if anyone is interested in a bouquet
 email me at
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