Saturday, February 25, 2012

 A nice delicate Lavender sugar.
A nice relaxing milk bath with a delicately fragrance of lavender

A very pleasant Earl Gray Lavender Tea
A lovely weekend the weather is not too bad for February. My husband is home for the first weekend in awhile. NO HOCKEY I live for that.
 Yes, hockey is slowing down thank goodness.
I spent a bit of time in the Lavender Garden weeding this morning. We are doing a quick trip this afternoon to Kamloops my husband wants to do something there.
I re - potted some Aloa Vera Plants now I just have to remember not to over water them.
I hope you take the time for something fun, relaxing and CREATIVE.
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A very nice day out today. Sunny, rolling fog, Eagles and clearness.
I hope to get outside and do some work in the front garden. Those good ole pine needles they never quit.
Yesterday was nice I joined three of my neighbors for lunch it was good to see them. I don't usually do that kind of thing but it was good.
I hope your day is awesome. Have a good one

An amazing drive to the bus today
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking past the garden
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 Sleeping Lavender. Our small compact plants. I am hoping their roots are strong and are able to handle this crazy winter.
 Wonderful flowers for Valentine's day from my husband
 This is our grandson meeting the bunnies for the first time. I sure hope he loves the farm
 We had a beautiful walk to the river. It was such a clear, bright, crisp day.
It is wonderful day here NO SCHOOL. Nice for the kids no rushing to the bus this morning. I will let them sleep in then we must clean the barn and chicken house.
Lambing and kidding starts in one month.

Flowers for Valentines
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is Sparkle my son's cat. Don't let her fool you! Here she is all cute, soft and mellow. So not here. She is usually tormenting my house .
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A very good morning!!
I hope your  Valentines was wonderful.
I love any excuse to make a day special. We had very colourful cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies a few decorations on the table.
I was given a heart shape box of chocolates and a beautiful pink Azalea.
My husband was home for one night and is gone again. He may show up again tonight before heading up North again.
Sigh...Up North is beginning to sound a like a swear word.
The last week has actually been consumed by not feeling well. A horrible headache all week now it is moving onto my kids. Terrible thing it is
First big order of bath bombs has been shipped. Still working on the hundred. One large basket has gone out and another to be made for the end of February.
Well I must run time to get Children up and at it.
Hope your day is wonderful

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Enjoying the Seasons


Petit Creek Lavender

Enjoy the changing of Seasons with us as we pass through this wonderful life from our Farm and the Lavender.

With your subscription to our farm letter, you become an exclusive member to our elite group of friends. Friends, who enjoy the finer gifts that Life and  Nature have to offer.

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With your subscription, we will surprise you with lovely seasonal gifts, (hint: may smell like lavender) and fun games and prizes.

We will share our tricks of the trade on how to grow lavender and bring the ancient French inspired herb into your life.

 Each seasonal mailing will offer you a unique package that we want to share from recipes, puzzle games, crafts, stories and photographs.

We want you to be part of the excitement and look forward to our artistic and lovingly made packages arriving seasonally in your mail box.

… and for a little secret of what we are working on in our

 Lavender Laboratory

Lavender Chamomile bath tea bags…

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·       Cost for all is $20.00 for the year. go to the Changing of the Seasons page
It is funny how one can be so busy, going in thirty directions and yet have nothing to write. That's me
Most of this week has been dealing with an incredible headache and feeling rough. One thing about this home no matter how sick you are there is no down time. Still things to be done. No naps for this family! So if you don't sleep the night before we just deal with it until bed time the next night. No idol time for us. On that note I so could go to bed.
I have been making Bath bombs. You can find those on the web site at
I had a order for one hundred lavender bombs. Plus an order for Black cherry. So this is keeping me busy.
I have been making up the new subscription envelopes. If you would like to join us I will be putting up the write up about what you get and how to go about signing up. I absolutely love making up these. So much fun, so much thought and creativity goes into each mailing.
They will be ready to go out within the next two weeks.
We are in full hockey mode of play offs. I can not wait until hockey is over.
We have been practice driving with our middle son, driving test March 28th.
We have been to school meetings.
Many things have been going about. I am crocheting the cloths for the web site every time I am at hockey or waiting for the school bus. You can find those on the web site.

For daily Inspiration and fun you can go to face book and go to the search at the top and type in Petit Creek Lavender and click the like button on the top of the page and join us. We would love to have you.
Many wonderful flavours of soap are also on the web site check it out. I think you will really like the soap.
I am also thinking it is time to start thinking about ordering Lavender plants. How many? How much can I spend? When wold be a good time?
Have wonderful day. Take care
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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love hearts filled with Lavender wonderful for your drawer give a gift to someone special
New product prices, better shipping prices, new products, easier web site to navigate.
Check it out
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Stew anyone
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Amazing snacks that our daughter makes. Cherries from our trees so worth all the work.
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