Thursday, March 28, 2013

Well the last three weeks have been crazy busy between cleaning the gardens, cleaning the farm, the barn too many times to count, lambing-still have two more to go that means burning the candle at both ends. Chores have doubled, work has doubled and I am just tired. A good tired but I need to go to bed.

The lavender house is happy, organized will fine tune it when it slows down in a bit. My big order is done being picked up this weekend. I still see many pine needles among the plants but that is ongoing.
I wish you all a Happy Easter weekend enjoy some quiet time, find time for a great project or two. I will check in again. Pleasant dreams

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring time they say 1st day of Spring we always have celebrated on the 21st but hey we will celebrate for two days if Spring wants to come.
 At 3:50am it was pouring rain out so let’s hope that is going to keep the snow away.
 We have been working like crazy on the gardens, I am sure if you drove in my yard you might not notice but this is a working farm and we get messy. Hay, pine needles, weeds pretty much some up the mess.
It is a bit early to see if we lost any lavender there are a few plants that look dry and are iffy.
We will wait it out the most frustrating thing can be is we lose the main plant but it comes from the root but basically it is like starting all over again.
I have to plan how we should celebrate. How are you going to celebrate the 1st day of Spring

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Good Morning.
 What wonderful things await for us today! My day is going to have company of a little boy. It is amazing to watch him learn new things.
 During nap time I have a Great Creative Moment.
The lavender house is bursting and I should be set for the summer.
 We have wonderful new bath salts with a combination of five exotic salts soaked in rich essential oils.
The soaps I made last night are a light hint of pink Rose and Lavender Soap perfect for Mother's Day.
 I have baby lavenders started and it seems most of them have taken.
 I am finishing up a large order for another Lavender Farm.
I hope your day is creative, inspirational and clever.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Darn It!!!! It is all white again outside ahh so not cool. Late afternoon yesterday I was outside raking, burning pine needles. I actually was smiling while working excited because I remembered the time changes... Spring.
Yesterday when I checked my peacocks I noticed there food had not seemed to be touched so I had my son hold the door shut while I removed them from their roost. Thank goodness for hats on sweatshirts. Yup I had a peacock sitting on me again! It was so funny they are quite big birds and seem so solid when they fly into your head!

While it is still snowing out there I am getting ahead with a lot of products for the Lavender House. We have some sweet aprons, t-shirts and canvas bags.

Friday, March 1, 2013

A Wonderful Friday Morning! I do love Fridays. Still too chilly out there to do any gardening but I was thinking I might find a few pine needles to rake.

 March 1st so far is in like a Lamb. Oh I do love Spring! everything starts to wake up we can start in the gardens, the birds arrive home again, you can hear the birds singing, new lambs, baby chicks and the snakes are still asleep. Oh yeah I am off to look for a bit of Spring today.

 Hope your afternoon is going great! So windy here but managed to do a bit of raking. Man I hate pine needles! Did a bit of skipping I am getting better at this I would do even better if my Dog would not need to skip with me. I am painting my Apothecary cupboard, rearranging my essential oils while I wait for my kidlets to get home. I love a day full of good progress how about you?