Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yeah for the weekend!
 Go out and enjoy today.
We have a farmers market still going on it town, we also have the Baillie house to visit. I would do both of those things if I lived in town.
 Have an amazing, wonderful, incredible, inspiring, romantic, fun, loving day!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Morning.
 Well that night was very short (tired today) I cannot believe how fast the weeks are going by.
 We are having some serious, awesome weather!
I wonder how long it will last?
 I hope to get the last of the garden fabric down today, which is not the best job to do.
 I need to remove piles of old grass transplant a rose or two. As soon as my kid-lets head off to school I need to make the most of this day.
My son found this snail when he was digging holes. We must have imported him with some plants. I did not think it was moist enough for these guys and I have noticed we do have some different things about that we did not have before.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fragrances can move around emotions, transport your memory to the past. The smells can calm, excite and enchant you.
This is from a wonderful book called the Magic & power of Lavender.
We sell 100% essential oil in three sizes.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A good day the first row of lavender is in the new field.
 I sure hope they make the winter.
 I hope to start the next row tomorrow but I have to babysit a very cute little boy who has learned to crawl since last week :) so I am not sure how much I will actually accomplish.
The lilac trees are in very excited about that.
 I hope your day was a good one.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Good Morning a very early start here today alarm went off at 3am. I hope you find time to enjoy your weekend.
 Yesterday afternoon I moved all the Lavender plants over that need to be planted. The mini roses will have to go in the ground soon also since I found something had been in the greenhouse knocked all the plants over, they were turned out of their pots. Plus add two long rips in the plastic. My first thought was a bear but I am thinking more along the line a dog and a squirrel now!



Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Morning a good day to you all.
 I hope you have a wonderful time today.
With our evenings coming on cooler in the next few months here is something to try. Take two drops of pure 100% Lavender essential oil add the drops to some pine cones to burn in your fireplace or wood burning stove.
A soft delicate fragrance will fill the air.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A nice day today.
 The plowing did not go as planned sigh... always the hard route here. I ended up weed eating over half the field then try to us the lawnmower it was tedious, tiring, frustrating and on top of it all, a darn snake.
 I will have to see what my Dad plans to try tomorrow.
 I did make some stepping stones tonight so that was a bit of a bonus.
 Just so you feel for me I have seen 5 snakes then add 7 my family has seen way too many for this farmer.
Maybe you heard me scream today? :)
I screamed so loud it made my dad jump; he could hear me over the lawn mower.
All would have been good if the darn snake had not stopped and try to climb on my lawn mower and stare at me!
 Next time maybe the snake will just slide away
The Lavender house in the sun on the First day of September

A wonderful Blue Moon. Hope you saw it too.