Friday, September 10, 2010

Lavender Milk Bath.

This is a wonderful milk bath bag that is thrown into the tub to give a wonderful relaxing bath.

Slowly moving ahead with our products. Sometimes I seem to walk around in circles not knowing where to start. I can spend half the day and only have a few things accomplished.
We made it through our first week of school. It was a rough week for our work break downs and too wet to haul.
The lavender in the new garden seems to be growing well. I can actually see the growth. I imagine we will have to do a bit more weeding. We can see new grass and new weeds coming up fresh will all this rain.
I hope everyone has wonderful Lavender dreams tonight
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Anonymous said...

I sleepVERY well after I bath with the lavender bath crystals. They are so lovely. Now I am out of them I used the last ones up.
I think that I will put in an order to take to Maui with me. MOM