Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year, a new beginning, a fresh start.

2011 had it's rough moments.

 Rough moments of stress by the bucket full.
Financial stress, job stress, and everyday moments of a large family.

 It kept me on my toes.


It made me stronger, it made me take quiet moments and it made me a better person.

2011 had wonderful moments also.

Job changes
My family grew up all my children are becoming wonderful young adults
My husband stayed safe on the road
My Dad is still okay
My Mom is still our rock
My husband and I became Grandparents to the most amazing little boy, who can only make you smile.
Our family is growing with our older children adding partners who fit in our crazy, wild family quite nicely.

Really 2011 was okay.

The most amazing, awesome, wonderful addition is the LAVENDER.


That are all mine. They make me so happy. They make our farm happy.

2012 will also be okay

I hope the learning curves are gentle

I hope my Dad goes into remission. I pray everyday for this.
I hope my Husband stays safe and healthy on the road. This guy is truly my life
I hope my Mom is always my rock, my strength, my partner
I hope with all my hopes of hopes my children stay Strong, healthy, live life to the fullest, make wonderful choices.
 I love each and everyone of them so much. I can not tell you how much my kids are our life.
I hope my brothers, sisters and their family have a wonderful safe, healthy year
I hope my husbands family has a healthy, safe year.

For me I hope I have a wonderful year, a safe year with wonderful health. I hope for Peace, Calm and Love.

I hope for the most Amazing |Inspiration everyday.

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