Friday, March 1, 2013

A Wonderful Friday Morning! I do love Fridays. Still too chilly out there to do any gardening but I was thinking I might find a few pine needles to rake.

 March 1st so far is in like a Lamb. Oh I do love Spring! everything starts to wake up we can start in the gardens, the birds arrive home again, you can hear the birds singing, new lambs, baby chicks and the snakes are still asleep. Oh yeah I am off to look for a bit of Spring today.

 Hope your afternoon is going great! So windy here but managed to do a bit of raking. Man I hate pine needles! Did a bit of skipping I am getting better at this I would do even better if my Dog would not need to skip with me. I am painting my Apothecary cupboard, rearranging my essential oils while I wait for my kidlets to get home. I love a day full of good progress how about you?


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