Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life on the farm can be pretty incredible it is hard work, never ending work. You finish one job and another waits or the same job needs to be done a few hours later. In spite of the hard work it is very rewarding everything you do is for you, for your family for your future and for your moment.

We live on forty acres not too big and it is about twenty miles out of town. If I want to build a fence I can, If I want to put in a garden I can, If I want grapes cute little pixie grapes I can.

It is not Provence, it is not Italy, it is not Paris, it is not Maui, It is not England, it is not Germany, it is not the Swiss Alps, it is not Austria it is all of them all of them in my heart from my travels. I cannot nor do I want to live in all those wonderful places so I brought them home to me ~ I brought them home in my heart.

This is my home, my farm who I share with my family and My Mom and Dad

Petit Creek Lavender is the heart of many we have Grapes ~ green grapes, purple grapes and pixie grapes, we have Lavender eight varieties, we have Olives (we cannot eat them be can have the tree) we have Lemon, orange and lime trees, we have berries ~ raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.

 We have wonderful old Moss here on the farm, we are rustic, unique, whimsical we have heart, we have fun, we dream and we are Inspired. We call Petit Creek Lavender Home.

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