Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good Morning
This morning I have had great inspiration for my gardens so this of course always means hard work and usually involves rocks. I have a spot in the main garden that is hard to work with it is super hot and dry. The sun cooks it all afternoon just a little slope that one can not see only if you water it, it will run down hill just enough to mess up the watering. I have planted a lot of shrubs so when they grow it will be quite bushy. I have the above ground pond that is the Inspiration I am going to do rock work around it give it an ole European feel to it. I will do this when weather cools and the snakes are asleep I would hate to run into one of those. I am due for a good rock work out.

The lavender gardens have a had a lot of visitors it has been fun. Yesterday we had a kids camp come out we showed them different herbs, produce had been picked from the garden, they saw the lavender and had a look in the lavender house.
A little over a week away is a wedding so I am mentally preparing for that getting bows, labels and supplies organized.

Petit Creek Lavender

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