Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harvesting Lavender
Harvesting lavender is all done by hand on a small farm. It is an amazing amount of work from the first thought of planting Lavender.The planning, the financial thought, buying plants, working the ground. The planting and watering. The fighting of weeds. On our farm keeping the dogs out of loving the lavender. Keeping the dogs from playing soccer in the lavender gardens. Keeping the dogs from squirrel hunting in the lavender gardens.

Winter is probably the biggest battle of all. We loose so many plants. This past winter was quite sad.

However all of that is forgotten when I walk through the gardens. I forget all the hard work when I smell the fragrance floating gently across the farm or when I see the beautiful haze of purple blowing in the wind. I forget the disappointments when I walk through the gardens harvesting handfuls of soft velvety flowers. Then making small bundles of lavender and putting them in a basket to be taken to the little lavender house to be hung up to dry.

Today many bundles were made. The small bundles were then hung in the little lavender house.

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