Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is coming very soon and I am behind. I am never behind so today I took the day off working the farm and did a bit of decorating, baking and visiting my kids.

I need to make the weekend special for them. Easter bunny needs to find us. ( I know my kids are older but one is never too old for traditions) Plus our little grand baby has to look for Easter bunny, go for the Easter walk and have pictures taken.

I am going to bake cupcakes, I think root beer floats were ordered and maybe beef dip dinner.

I have been so busy working and getting a great start to the Lavender. New products, new look just need to get some pictures to share with you all. I have sent products to the store in town and I should head into the other store that showed interest. I have a lot of trouble getting myself to town...

Have  a wonderful night.
Spray your bed down with a lovely lavender mist for a great sleep.


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