Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A very good morning!!! What wonderful things will find us all today? Have you started your garden seeds yet? Later today I am planting Calendula a wonderful healing plant~full of small miracles. Maybe a few Poppies, an annual mixture will be fun and Black eyed Susan~Rudbeckie.

 Just checked a few things in the garden - while our Grandson naps. Thyme is up, Mint is up, onions are up, lavender in the small garden is waking, and chives are up and smelling wonderful. Every time I weed or garden and I hit the chives it makes me want to go in and eat :) I bought a compost bucket today not for the garden but for our new pigs. I never compost with scraps here because it brings us some lovely bears-we have enough compost from our farm living but now this really cute little bucket can help feed my pigs-who I am sure are going to get expensive.

 Checked some of the plants I can see I lost a few :( last night we put in some fence post in the most miserable hard (like cement) soil ever. We put them in around our toy area so our Grandson has a clean, safe place to play. This should keep out the dogs and it will take a bit of time but I will make it really nice for him.


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