Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Very busy here today.
 Lip balm batches being made. I am finishing up on the second batch now. The first set has a great healing herb oil in it. I am testing it on myself on my arms right now.

As soon as the label are ready I will be adding the lip balm, creams, soap, linen water to the web site.

Two of my sons are putting in fence posts for the new garden. I will have the wire up I hope by the end of  August. I do not think any planting will be done until next spring. I need to see how the water sits, work the soil, pick those never ending rocks. And, most of all goat proof the pen.

I need to think how I would like to plant my garden. More thought into these ones.
In my antique fence garden is going to be herbs. That one needs to be dug up, replanted and cleaned out. The Lavender gardens I need to see how the sun sits, see how the winter run off sits, and make it pleaseing to the eye.

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