Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A wonderful Good Morning.

 This morning over coffee I took the time to look at a few wonderful pictures which I shared on my FB page "Petit Creek Lavender".
 I dreamed of Provence and I realized we all have it with us here.
 Our dreams, our inspiration, our beautiful, beautiful countries all have a little of Provence.
 I walk through our property and realize among the hard work, some mess, some projects it is here, my home my little Provence.
I thank myself for being an amazing dreamer, for being positive, for being able to work hard mentally and physically.

 I thank my husband for letting me do this, for shaking his head dreading the next project but letting me, wondering what animals will be appearing on the farm.

 My brother and sisters who just think I am clever.

I thank my parents who we share the property with for letting me always start a new project usually when they leave for a few days.
 My Mom who is always my best fan.
And, I thank my kids who without them none of this would be important, they truly are my life.
 So I hope you make your home your Inspiration, your dream, your reality. Have a wonderful, wonderful day today.

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