Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am sitting outside on a very warm day in the shade of our deck.
 I am surrounded by a bit of a mess.
pile of lavender to the right of me. String, scissors, clippers, beautiful ribbon all over the couch.
 On the left of my feet is a pile of peppermint stocks with the leaves taken off for our winter supply of tea.
 In a bucket beyond the stocks peppermint is a wonderful pile of rose hips drying.
 And, at the end of my reach is a great harvest of peppermint leaves.

I get so excited when I try something new and it works.
Yesterday I picked the lavender when it was over 50 degrees on our farm. I worked on and off it until dark. Now I finally have a bit of time to try these cages of Lavender.

I find it quite hard to to find time to write on both of my blogs this one and . I usually have kids talking to me, television blaring, kids playing, running, wrestling and I find it very hard to get a sentence down. My of thought is lost, spelling is gone etc.
I must run  so much to accomplish before I have to walk to the bus.
One thing more if I could ask your help
Please pray for the little three year old boy who is missing and ask that he may be found safe and taken back to his family. Thank you

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