Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Forest Green Man Lavender

Close to down town Naramata, BC

Two years I had heard of a Lavender farm in Naramata. I had never heard of a town called Naramata so I started to ask around, funny thing not many people could tell me much about it. Last year my husband took me for a drive and we found Forest green man lavender farm.
 We took pictures, admired the lavender and the great fruit trees.

I bought a few things and happily went home.

 Karolina and I added each other to Face book and became FB friends. Over the last year we have talked Lavender. I have ordered products from her. Karolina will go out of her way to find the best way to ship your order to you.

They not only grow wonderful Lavender but  they also grow Fruit, Tomatoes, Red Russian Garlic, Pears, Peppers and Sour Cherries.
They have the cutest little lavender store that sells all the wonderful products that Lavender can be made into.
You will find sachets, lavender wands, bundles of lavender, oils, soap, hand scrub, imported table cloths and wonder scarves.

Go check it out they have a web site

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